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Price Protection - Five Myths That are Spread by a Few

Price Protection also known as the Price Adjustment is a retail and travel practice that is followed by US and Canada based merchants to provide a price difference to their customers within a certain time period if the price drops from the original purchase price. Several mobile apps and websites that require you to signup with them by providing access to your email account claim to provide you the price protection.

4th Of July Holiday Celebration and Savings Tips

Happy Independence Day!

Independence day not only means celebration and fireworks but also most likely shopping or travel.

Is my travel insurance tax deductible?

Bank Yogi's Answer: Yes, but not always. However there are not only ways to make it tax deductible but also get it for free.

Requirements for Travel Insurance to be Tax Deductible

According to the tax accountants and lawyers Travel Insurance and Travel Health Insurance plans can be tax deductible if one the following tests are met:

1. The travel is business related if you are self-employed or own a business.
2. The travel is work related if you employed by someone else. Yes, Employees can get a deduction too.

Price Protection for Chase United Airlines Credit Card Crashes

Chase Ends Price Protection for United Branded Cards

How to fix Alexa's voice problem?

Recently you may have come across the news that Alexa lost its voice. While it is not a common problem because it is a high quality product built by Amazon, I am sure when it happens it will be a frustrating experience. Just like us, we are sure that you love your Alexa device and would like to keep it up and running all the time. There are several reasons an Alexa device may malfunction but you can easily get them fixed mostly for free. Below are some of the options:

Under Amazon's Warranty

How to get free Travel Insurance from Costco?

Free Travel Insurance when you book travel through Costco

We all love to travel but paying for insurance items such as Car Rental Insurance and Flight Insurance can get very expensive and in some cases it can be very discouraging to book travel. However, Bank Yogi has a solution for you.

Use Citi Anywhere Card to Book Travel

How to Maximize Costco Extended Warranty

Why Costco doesn't sell Extended Warranty

Tips on 15 Ways to Save on Travel This Year

How to Save on Travel This year

Money Magazine has listed 10 ways to save on travel this year. These are:

1. Don’t sleep on layovers
2. Minimize currency exchange fees
3. Travel on Wednesday
4. Get alerts on unusual discounts
5. Know the cheapest times to fly
6. Manage your phone bill
7. Talk to the locals and experienced travelers
8. Read museum signs carefully
9. Sign up for travel rewards
10. Skip the hotels