Back to School Shopping - Six ways to save money that you may not be aware of


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Back to school shopping is something not only students but also their parents look for. This is the time when not only new clothes and supplies are purchased but also other items such as appliances, laptops, electronics, smartphones and travel tickets to go back to school. These expenses can add up fairly quickly. But to help you save money we have put together six techniques that you may not be aware of.

1. Purchase Everything with an American Express, Visa or MasterCard that offers you a cashback. We prefer a cashback card over points or miles card because it puts cash in your hand right away. If you shop online at Amazon, Amazon branded Chase credit card can give you up to 5% cash back with your prime membership. Points from our perspective are usually useless. Miles are handy if and only if you are a frequent traveler and you can use them before the miles expire. If you are a frequent traveler then a miles card can definitely come handy.

2. Save the money on an extended warranty plan. The merchants may try selling you an extended warranty plan. But you don't need to buy one. Your credit card may provide it you for free. For up to 90 days you may be even able to get the broker screen repaired.

3. Does your child has to fly to a college town to go back to school? If yes, then skip the car rental and travel insurance too. Yes, that is correct. Just like the extended warranty, your credit card my also provide your child the car rental and travel insurance for free. The car rental insurance is secondary to your primary insurance.

4. Keep an eye on the price. Yes, comparison shopping before the we buy is a common practice. But do you know that you can even get a price difference back even after the purchase for up to 90 days. This beats your merchant's price match policy that may be good for only up to 30 days.

5. If you lose something within 90 days of the purchase you might be eligible for the replacement cost.

6. If you decide to return the item within 90 days but it is already after the merchant's return policy, you may be able to get reimbursed for the merchandise.

How do you determine if you qualify for all these savings? Our app can help you make this determination.