5 Ways to save money Post Back to School Shopping


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Back to school shopping can be an exciting but a hectic process. But what hurts after the shopping is watching the prices drop or getting stuff damaged or stolen. But worry not, there are ways you can save money even after finishing your back to school shopping.

1. Price Dropped - Now What

Whether you have shopped online or offline, you will find that the prices have significantly drop right after the expiration of a retailer's price drop. Well the good news is that you may be covered through the credit card price protection for up to 90 days. Our price adjustment service can help you to get your money back whether you made your purchase online or offline.

2. Changed Your Mind

Right after the 15 or 30 day return period expired, your child doesn't want that expensive tablet anymore and the retailer won't take it back. The Return Protection service can help you get a full refund for up to 90 days. All you need to make sure is that you still have the original packaging and product is just like new.

3. Damaged it

Your college bound freshman has damaged the screen of his new laptop and now it will cost $300 to replace it. This type of unplanned expense might put a big dent in his/her budget and now you have to come up with additional funds to support your child. But wait the Accidental Damage Protection service can help you get it fixed for free for up to 90 days. If you by chance had bought a protection plan your deductible may be covered.

4. Lost that New Jacket

Our research shows that elementary and middle school children tend to lose things such as jackets more often than others. Most of the times they are the victims of theft. The Theft Protection service can help you get reimbursed for the replacement cost upto the original price so that you can purchase a new one.

5. Extended Warranty Plan

Did you buy an extended warranty plan for the cell phone, laptop, electronics or some home appliance for your child's dorm room? It is time to return/cancel that plan if you can because you may be eligible for the free extended warranty through your credit card.

Have we fully gotten your attention? Then it is time to download our mobile app and see if you actually qualify for any of these savings.