5 ways to save money on your car rental year around

Summer is the ideal time for most of the people to travel not only nationwide but also internationally. Whether it is the memorial day or the independence day weekend in the U.S. or the Canada Day or Civic Holiday weekend in its northern neighbor or the labour day or Christmas weekend this is the time when most of the of North Americans want to travel alone or with families to make the best use of it.

Back to School Shopping - Six ways to save money that you may not be aware of

Back to school shopping is something not only students but also their parents look for. This is the time when not only new clothes and supplies are purchased but also other items such as appliances, laptops, electronics, smartphones and travel tickets to go back to school. These expenses can add up fairly quickly. But to help you save money we have put together six techniques that you may not be aware of.

How Damage and Theft Purchase Protection Card Benefit saved the day

I bought a new Dell Laptop just three weeks ago. While having drinks with my best friend at a local bar in Boston, I left my laptop in a bag hanging on my bar chair. We got busy chatting and ended up having a few drinks. When we were ready to leave the beg went missing. Both my friend and I frantically looked for the bag and asked everyone around but no luck. Given that it was a small bar there were no cameras. We called police and the officer took down our complaint and gave us report number.

The Moola for Citi Bank Price Protection is Getting Slashed?

Citi has an awesome price match program called the Citi Price Rewind that allows not only its users to get up to $500 per refund but also with an annual limit of $2500. However, starting July 29th, 2018 Citi has decided to reduce the benefit amounts to $200 per refund with an annual limit of $1000 even though the FAQ page on the Citi Price Rewind website doesn't say so.

Chase won't allow you to chase price protection anymore

Unfortunately, the bad news in the area of price protection continues. Just a few days ago we mentioned that Chase was going to discontinue price protection for its United cards. And then this morning we posted an article to debunk Five Myths for Price Protection.

Price Protection - Five Myths That are Spread by a Few

Price Protection also known as the Price Adjustment is a retail and travel practice that is followed by US and Canada based merchants to provide a price difference to their customers within a certain time period if the price drops from the original purchase price. Several mobile apps and websites that require you to signup with them by providing access to your email account claim to provide you the price protection.

4th Of July Holiday Celebration and Savings Tips

Happy Independence Day!

Independence day not only means celebration and fireworks but also most likely shopping or travel.

Is my travel insurance tax deductible?

Bank Yogi's Answer: Yes, but not always. However there are not only ways to make it tax deductible but also get it for free.

Requirements for Travel Insurance to be Tax Deductible

According to the tax accountants and lawyers Travel Insurance and Travel Health Insurance plans can be tax deductible if one the following tests are met:

1. The travel is business related if you are self-employed or own a business.
2. The travel is work related if you employed by someone else. Yes, Employees can get a deduction too.

Price Protection for Chase United Airlines Credit Card Crashes

Chase Ends Price Protection for United Branded Cards