Cashback and Automtaic Insurance for your purchases and travel

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Tell us what you have purchased or are planning to purchase.

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Our algorithmic bots determine what protections you may be eligible for.

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Full List of Protections

Below is a complete list of protections that you may be eligible for through the Bank Yogi app.


Free extended warranty for computers, electronics, home appliances, tools and other items.


Free repair if you accidently damage an item within 90 days of purchase.


Free replacement if you lose an item within 90 days of purchase.


Get the price difference back if it drops - even after 30 days.


Extended return period of up to 90 days.


Free travel insurance - coverage includes death and injury.


Free rental car insurance.

Hotel Insurance

Protection against personal items while staying in a hotel/motel.


Compensation if flight is cancelled or delayed.


Medical insurance while traveling overseas.


Legal costs for identity repair if theft occurs.


Cashback, Deals, Miles, Points and Rewards.

My washer stopped working two weeks after the manufacturer's warranty expired. Got it repaired for free.

Mountain View, CA - Saved $394.66

Hell Ya! I highly recommend this app. The price of the refrigrator I purchased dropped after 40 days. Didn't know until I heard about this app that I can get the difference back.

Chicago, IL - Saved: $300

Got $340 for missed flight connection on my way to Hyderabad, India

Seattle, WA - Saved: $340

My two week car rental in Hawaii was fully covered

New York, NY - Saved: $136.66

Got $400 reimbursed for my Identity Theft resolution related expenses

Phoenix, AZ - Saved: $400

Pricing Plan

The protections that are offered through the Bank Yogi paltform are completely free. However, we charge a 15% fee of the amount we help you get reimbursed.

Our Team

Created by savvy consumers for others like them.

Bank Yogi is founded by former Amazon and Microsoft employees who are also money savvy consumers like yourself. The concept of Bank Yogi came to one of the founders mind in 2012 when he accidently cracked the screen of his iPad, just two weeks after buying it. He was able to get it repaired for free through his credit card.


Bank Yogi makes it easier to get cashback for your purchases and travel.

Based the purchase you made and the payment method used to make the purchase we can tell you what cash back and reimbursements form bank and merchants you may be eligible for. We can also help you track purchases for every product and travel. This way if something goes wrong, you can use our app to view if you are eligible for a claim and file a claim.

Yes, we provide you step by step instructions on how to file your claim.

Yes, you can use our Evaluate feature in the mobile app. You can also use our text and voice chat bots on all major chat platforms to do the same.

Currently we support all the banks and credit unions in US and Canada.

Absolutely. Please contact us at

No. Neither we sell any insurance products nor we are an insurance company. The benefits mentioned on our digital properties are offered by your bank or card issuer. the accuracy, applicability and validity of those benefits is entirely between you and your bank or card issuer.

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